Statutes, ESN Norway (translation)

Article 1: Organization

1.1 ESN Norway is a non political, non profit organization subject to Erasmus Student Network AISBL, from now on called ESN International.
1.2 ESN Norway was legally registered in the Brønnøysundregistrene 28.04.2001 with the organization number NO 986641378

Article 2: Goals

2.1 Social integration of international students at universities and university colleges.
2.2 To promote exchange
2.3 To promote Norway as a country to study abroad in.

Article 3: Structure

3.1 ESN Norway is based on local sections at universities and university colleges in Norway
3.2 ESN Norway is subject to ESN International.

Article 4: Membership

4.1 All student organizations that operate according to ESN Norway and ESN Internationals goals can apply for membership in ESN Norway (ESN Int.)

Article 5: Right to vote

5.1 All member sections of ESN Norway have one vote each when decisions inside ESN Norway are to be made. NR is to be considered as a member section and has one vote, on an equal footing with the other sections.
5.2 Sections that do not have the possibility to attend the National Platform (NP), can delegate their vote to another section. A section cannot have more than one delegated vote.

Article 6: Founding

6.1 Each section is financially responsible for its own operation.
6.2 Each section must pay the membership fee to ESN Norway, who then pays to ESN International.

Article 7: Section management

7.1 Each section should have a board, and the boardʼs size is dependent on the sections need.
7.2 It is recommended that each section elect a Section Representative (SR) who works with national and international projects, in addition to be contact person for the NR. The SR gets help and support from the NR/Vice-NR

Article 8: Contact

8.1 Each section must have a contact e-mail address and should have a post address and webpage.
8.2 Each section must have a Section Representative that is the contact person for ESN Norway (NR and Vice-NR)
8.3 NR, Vice-NR and SR (Section Representative) make a common mailing list. The NR is the administrator of the ML. A section can have many members on the mailinglist.
8.4 The mailing list is only to use within ESN Norway.
8.5 The SR is responsible of passing on relevant information to the sectionʼs members from NR/Vice-NR. SR is responsible to give feedback from the section to NR/Vice-NR.

Article 9: National level

9.1 Each section should attend the National Platform (NP) at least once a year, and also contribute to it being held.
9.2 ESN Norway is represented by the NR and Vice-NR.
9.2.1 The NR and the Vice-NR work to strengthen ESN Norway
9.2.2 The NR and the Vice-NR coordinate national work.
9.2.3 ESN Norway must have a NB consisting of at least 3 people.
9.3 National Platform is valid with a quorum present. In other words, the meeting is valid when 50% of the members with a right to vote are present.

Article 10: National Representative

10.1 ESN Norway must to each time have a National Representative that attends actively national and international meetings.
10.2 ESN Norway must have a Vice-NR that assists the NR after need and replace the NR at international events if necessary.
10.3 The election of NR and Vice-NR must happen during National Platform. The new NR and Vice-NR is chosen by simple majority.
10.4 The task as NR and the Vice-NR lasts for one year.
10.5 The former NR is contact person and must be available the two first months after the new NR has occurred.

Article 11: National finance

11.1 The national board (NR+Vice-NR) must decide how ESN Norways money will be spent and are therefore responsible to keep the accounts
11.2 The annual accounts must be presented for the sections once a year at the NP. The budget for the upcoming year must be approved at the NP.
11.2.1 The winded up years account and budget for the upcoming year must be sent to the sections at least one week before the NP.

Article 12: Statute Changes

12.1 Changes to the statutes shall happen on the NP by a simple majority of present sections.
12.2 Proposed amendments to the statutes may be submitted by sections, NR or Vice-NR.
12.3 Proposed amendments to the statutes should be sent by the NR to the sections at least one week before the NP.
12.4 If the Norwegian and English statutes are contradicting, the statutes in Norwegian are valid.

Approved at Norwegian Meeting, Trondheim, 28.04.01. Amended Norwegian Meeting in Bergen, 10.05.03. Amendment of Article 8.2 under the NP in Stockholm 2005. Amended Norwegian Meeting 03.2009. Amended Norwegian Meeting in Trondheim 24.01.2010 by Frederik Sardinoux (NR). Amended NP Agder 05.02.11.