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Norwich, England
Thu, 02/10/2014 to Sun, 05/10/2014

Mirela (President) and Monika (Vice-President) participated at the NBM in Norwich, England from 2nd to 5th of October 2014 

The NBM is an event where all the national boards in the ESN Network are welcomed to join, and are held twice a year. The main objective of this event is to bring together representatives from the different national boards to share ideas, participate in workshops and have discussions about the work we do at a national level in general.  

The first day there were presentations about different international ESN projects,  some national projects and presentations from the international board members, while the second day we had more workshops. The different workshops we attended: 

  • Meet your colleagues 
  • National projects 
  • NB and the sections 
  • Buddy countries 
  • National level in 2020 

At this year’s event almost all national boards in the ESN Network were represented, and there was a good mix of both more experienced and very recent national board members. We were approximately 50 participants, and the size of the event made it perhaps a more social one compared to other bigger events in ESN.  The international board members were also all present at the event, where they held presentations, lead some of the workshops and in general socialized with the rest of the group. 

From the perspective of being a fresh member of the national board in ESN Norway, I (Monika) really enjoyed getting the opportunity to talk to other national board members in general and especially to those that holds the same position as me. All in all it was very informative, inspiring and a ton of fun as always in ESN!