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Stockholm, Sweden
Thu, 06/11/2014 to Sun, 09/11/2014

The Northern European Platform is one of five regional platforms in ESN, arranged once a year. NEP includes the eight countries Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Russia and Iceland. This event seeks to introduce the section members to international projects, committees and the overall structure of the network, as well as to share best practices, experiences and ideas with members from other sections across countries.

This year NEP was organized in Stockholm on November 6th-9th. ESN Norway sent 13 delegates, which we’re very happy about. Unfortunately, not all seven sections were represented. Events like this are important to inform and motivate the new members of ESN, and to encourage them to be active also beyond the local level.

New of this year’s regional platforms are that the agenda focused a lot more on interactive learning through workshops and other methods, rather than one-way communication through presentations. The delegates from ESN Norway were very pleased with the event. They felt they learned a lot about ESN and our projects, and they felt motivated and were eager to bring this new knowledge and ideas back home to their sections.


From ESN Norway the following delegates attended NEP Stockholm:

National Board:

Mirela Cacan (President)

Monika Kalstad (Vice-President)

Ronja Hesthammer (National Representative)

ESN Bergen:

Shahryiar Mustafa (local vice-president)

Petter Handegard (local board member)

Annabelle Caurie (local active member)

ESN Finnmark:

Daria Ech (local president and local representative)

Nina Therese (local active member)

ESN Molde:

Veronika Bauer (local vice-president)

Chang (Isabella) Tan (local representative)

ESN Trondheim:

Fredrik Meling (local president)

Isa Storheil (local represenative)

Ole Christian Haavaldsen (local treasurer)


ESN Agder, Oslo and Ås were not represented.