The ESN Sea Battle is an international student cruise between Stockholm, Sweden, and Riga, Latvia. The event is organised by ESN Sweden and is attended by around 2100 international students from 4 ESN countries (ESN Denmark, ESN Lithuania, ESN Norway and ESN Sweden) twice a year, usually in November and April. It is one of the biggest ESN events in Europe, uniting students from multiple ESN countries on one cruise ship on the Baltic Sea! 

At the ESN Sea Battle you will visit two European capitals, with a sightseeing tour of Riga, Latvia by ESN Riga. You can experience a number of different activities; live shows, karaoke, crazy games, speed dating, treasure hunts, salsa dance lessons, dance the famous ESN Sea Battle dance, theme parties on multiple dance floors and bars, competitions, buffet dinner (all you can eat and drink), sauna, and much more.


Contact information: [email protected]