The first ESN section in Norway was founded in 1993 in Trondheim, and has been one of the strongest ESN sections in Norway since the beginning. ESN Molde was the second section founded some time between 1993 and 1999, and in 2001 ESN Bergen was founded.

ESN Norway was legally founded as an organization in ”Brønnøysundregistrene” in 2001. Year 2002 there were four sections in ESN Norway: ESN Bergen, ESN Molde, ESN Oslo and ESN Trondheim. ESN Oslo joined ESN again in June 2002 after some years of silence, and was again shut down somewhere before 2005. Norway used to have a section as well in Tromsø.

In 2002 ESN Norway had a National Board consisting of 4 members, one from Bergen, one from Trondheim and one from Molde as well as the National Representative. This lasted for about one year.

Year 2001-2002 Vegard Eid Mediås was was a member of the IB and liaison officer for Alumni. Year 2002-2003 he was elected the Vice-President of ESN International as well as the Webmaster.

The NNM (now NEP) was held for the first time in Norway, in Bergen, 2003.

In 2004 a new section was approved, ESN Agder, the most southern section in Norway. Agder was established in cooperation with the international office, and have continued to work closely together. The year after the most northern section in the entire ESN Network was approved, ESN Finnmark.

In 2007 ESN Trondheim organized NEP for the second time in Norway.

In March 2009 ESN Oslo (HiO) was again approved as an ESN section, and later the same year ESN University Of Oslo was accepted.

In 2009 the Norway network faced some serious problems. ESN Norway risked to be expelled from the ESN Network due to lack of NR in a period of 6 months. The network was saved at NEP 2009 Stockholm where Frederik Sardinoux (Trondheim) was elected as the new NR, and Lene M. Realfsen (Agder) as the new Vice-NR. ESN Trondheim held the NP in February 2010 where 5 sections were present and a national mailing list was created. Since then all the sections has gotten a new website,

5 sections and 9 participants were represented at the AGM Istanbul, and 2 participants fromdifferent sections participated at BEST 2 in august 2010. In September 2010 ESN Uni. Oslo arranged the NP with 28 participants from 6 (7) sections, and a new section ESN Ås was approved. Miriam Eid was elected as the new NR and Manuela Seu-Stokkmo as the Vice-NR.

At NEP Turku Norway had 16 participants represented from all sections except ESN Bergen who has had low activity the last year. ESN Agder organized the NP in February 2011 with 28 participants from 7 of 8 sections. A National Board consisting of three people were established. The sections agreed to take part in the PRIME project and involve more on the national and international level. 

List of National Representatives:

98-99: Kristin Foldal, ESN Molde
99-00: Siri Strømme Johansen, ESN Trondheim
00-01: Tuva Kristine Andersen, ESN Trondheim
01-03: Vegard Eid Mediås, ESN Trondheim
03-04: Ragnar Melz, ESN Trondheim
04-05: Kristel Røstberg
05-07: Jørn Larsen Broks, ESN Trondheim
07-08: Lars Stenberg Berg, ESN Trondheim
08-09: Ingrid Bast (half period), ESN Agder
09: six months without NR
09-10: Frederik S. Sardinoux, ESN Trondheim
10-11: Miriam S. Eid, ESN Agder
11-12: Paulien Den Braven, ESN Molde
National Boards
Feb-Nov 2011-: Creation of the first National Board since 2002
Miriam Eid, ESN Agder
Manuela Seu-Stokkmo, ESN UiO
Paulien Den Braven, ESN Molde

Paulien Den Braven, ESN Molde
Iris Maria Makridis, ESN Trondheim
Jonas Berger, ESN Trondheim
Noemi Licini, ESN UiO
Martina, ESN UiO 

List of International events organized:

2003: NNM (NEP) in Bergen
2007: NEP in Trondheim


Members of the IB:

2000-2001 Tuva Kristine Andersen, ESN Trondheim member of the executive board (regular board member)
2001-2002 Vegard Eid Mediås, ESN Trondheim IB board member and liaison officer for Alumni
2002-2003 Vegard Eid Mediås, ESN Trondheim IB Vice President and Webmaster.


ESN Adwards:

2010 (AGM): ESN Star Adward, Best Movie: ESN Trondheim

ESN Song:

Recorded in Trondheim with 3 members of ESN Trondheim as back up singers



Created in August 2010 during BEST2 with a collaboration between ESN Norway and ESN Bulgaria (