On this page you can get an insight into the international- and national ESN events in the ESN Network, and read about what meetings ESN Norway took part in. These meetings are places where national boards and sections meet to discuss ideas, learn from each other and make plans for the future of ESN.

The national board hope that this page can be useful in spreading information about what these events have to offer our national board and section members. Take a look and get inspired !


Who can participate: All sections are represented and representatives from the national boards.

The Annual General Meeting is the biggest and most important meeting in ESN. Here representatives from all the section all over Europe join, and vote on changes in statues, the next international board and where the next AGM and CND will be held.


Who can participate: The NR of the national board.

The Council of National Representatives (CNR), composed by all National Representatives (NRs) represents the highest decision making body Annual General Meeting (AGM) during the ESN year and is one of the main strategic bodies of ESN International. The CNR collaborates with the Board on a joint approach for the strategy and the policy making of ESN. The CNR advices and checks the work of the Board. The CNR acts as the primary facilitator for communication between the Board and the sections. The NRs represent the voice of the sections in their country and expresses its opinion and gives feedback on various issues presented at the CNR meetings as well between them. The CNR meets in total six times each year, in which various topics of importance of the local and international level are discussed and voted on.


Who can participate : The NR of the national board(and occassionally other national board or section members can be welcomed by the NB to join).

The Council of National Delegates (CND) Meeting is the meeting of the Board of ESN with the Council of National Delegates consisting of all the NRs and two additional national delegates (NDs) from each ESN member country. The main aim of the event is to integrate all the ESN levels better and to show the work of the CNR and Board to all the NDs.

  • Upcoming CND December 2014, in Vilnius Lithuania


Who can participate: representatives from the national board.

The National Boards' Meeting (NBM) is a bi-annual ESN event, where members of different National Boards come together. The focus is on exchanging knowledge and experiences. Therefore, the heart of the meeting is the “Meet your colleagues” session. Traditionally the countries also present themselves in form of a presentation or poster.

Regional Platforms 

Who can participate: all the sections are asked to send one(or more) representatives, and a couple of representatives from the national board usually joins.

Regional Platforms (RP) are annual ESN events taking place in five different regions of Europe with the aim to give section members from the certain region the possibility to share knowledge, cooperate and get informed about ESN International topics. The member countries of ESN are divided into the following regions:

  • NEP = Northern European Platform
  • Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia,[b] Norway[/b], Sweden
  • CEP = Central European Platform
  • Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia
  • SEEP = South-Eastern European Platform
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Cyprus
  • SWEP = South-Western European Platform
  • France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Malta
  • WEP = Western European Platform
  • Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, UK

Italy belongs to both the South-Eastern European Platform and the South-Western European Platform.

Northern European Platform

Read more here: 

  • NEP in Stockholm, Sweden fall 2014
  • NEP in Tampere, Finland fall 2013
  • NEP in Tallin, Estonia fall 2012

ESN Norway's National Platform

Read more here about the former NP's

Who can participate: Representatives from all sections and the national board(additonally the Local Representatives are required to take part in one NP per year).

The National Platform is where all the sections in a country meet to share ideas and vote on the national budget and statue changes. Also at every spring NP the national board will be elected. 

  • NP Bergen spring 2015
  • NP Oslo fall 2014
  • NP Agder spring 2014
  • NP Trondheim fall 2013
  • NP Molde fall 2011
  • NP Agder spring 2011


Who can participate: section members can apply when the open call is sent out from the national board.

Eduk8 is ESN’s international training project, which aims to empower ESN members to allow them to perform better in their ESN daily tasks. Also Eduk8 aims to create a pool of trainers empowered with the tools and knowledge needed to educate and develop fellow members in the network.

SocialErasmus coordinator meeting

Who can participate: local and national SocialErasmus coordinators

SECM fall 2014