The spring 2015 National Platform of ESN Norway took place in Bergen from March 5th-8th. This Platform had in total 52 ESNers present. All seven of our sections were registered and planning to attend, but do to an airline strike, the representative from ESN Finnmark was, unfortunately, not able to attend. We were lucky to have representatives from both of our buddy countries, ESN Denmark and ESN Sweden, present, as well as international guests from ESN Slovakia and ESN Austria.

Other guests were two representatives from our National Agency, Centre for Internationalisation of Education (SIU), our national partner the mobile phone operator Chess, and a representative from the Student Parliament at the University of Bergen. Due to the cancelled flights, our guests from Time Travels and the national board of the International Students Union (ISU) could not attend.


We did our best to increase the number of workshops and small sessions at this NP. We had seven sessions, with normally two parallels, spread over Friday-Sunday. These sessions covered several topics regarding international projects of ESN, development of soft skills and one WS organized by our NA, Education Officer and national Mov’in Europe coordinator regarding the many possibilities there are for Norwegians that might be interested to study or work abroad. This implementation was quite successful, and we all felt it help to increase the interactivity of the participants during the event.

In addition to some changes to our Statutes and introduction of several guidelines and other documents, the next national board of ESN Norway was elected! They will start their mandate after AGM Ankara, April 20th. The lucky ones are:

President:                                      Christina Havn (ESN Bergen)

Vice-president:                              Monika Kalstad (ESN Bergen)

National Representative:            Ronja Hesthammer (ESN Bergen)

Treasurer and partnership:        Ole Christian Haavaldsen (ESN Trondheim)

Communication manager:          Vacant

Webmaster:                                   Vacant


On behalf of ESN Norway, I want to express our gratitude to Alessandro Tedesco and Timothy Daniel for being a superb Chairing team together with our own Luiza Oancea, and Piero Gentilini and Carlos Guillemot for arranging interactive and motivating workshops and in, general lifting the energy level J

This event was a great practice for ESN Bergen, as they will also be organizing the Northern European Platform (NEP) 2015 in October. We look forward to see many of you there!