ESN Norway is looking for a President, a Web Project Administrator and a Communication Manager for 2017-2018, and we think you should apply right now!
The President is the spokesperson and external representation of ESN Norway. He/She actively promotes ESN as an important stakeholder in the field of the internationalisation, integration and student mobility in Norway. The President is in regular contact with our Buddy Countries, ESN Sweden and ESN Denmark, our partners ISU, NSO and SIU, and of course the National President community of ESN.
The Web Project Administrator, or Webmaster if you like, takes care of ESN Norway's web projects (could you ever guess?!). This includes our server and national website (this one that you're on right now, which uses drupal apparantly), supporting the sections with their websites (which are linked to the same server) and managing the email accounts of ESN Norway (includes the emails of 6 out of 8 sections). And just like the Presidents have their family, the Webmaster will also join a family of other national IT lovers in ESN.
The Communication Manager is responsible for all promotion of ESN in Norway and the contents that ESN Norway publishes, especially on the social media. He/She also assists the sections with PR-material, as well as keeping an eye on if they are following the visual identity of ESN. Gathering content and publishing the monthly Newsletter, promoting the photo competition and publishing on our Facebook page, Instagram and website is a big part of the daily work of the Communication Manager. And twice a year, he/she get to join the other wonderful National Communication Managers of ESN for a community meeting, where ideas and knowledge is shared and worked on.
And at last, as part of the National Board they will be joining an awesome team!
So...are you ready to step up???
Deadline: 21st of April 2017 All applications are to be submitted to [email protected]
Applications must consist of a motivation letter including the following: - Name/age/ESN section/contact info - ESN experience - Other relevant experience - Motivation for running for the NB
--- Who can apply for a NB position? Any current and former member of ESN can apply for a position within the NB of ESN Norway. A current NB member that wishes to rerun for the same position, must submit a motivation on equal line with other applicants. A NB member can only keep the same position two years on a row, unless there are no other candidates.