Are you our next National Fjord Adventure Coordinator? Or you know someone in your section that might be suitable? Maybe the local Fjord Adventure Coordinator from last autumn would like to help make this year's better? This exciting position is up for grabs!
You'll get to participate for free and work together with our partner Scanbalt and the Vice-President to make this event as great as possible for future students!
For more information about the position:
Deadline: 2nd of April. Send your motivation letter to [email protected]
Motivation letter
- ESN experience, and other relevant experience (if any)
- Your skills
- What motivates you to apply for the position
- The letter should not be longer than 1 page
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected].
We're looking forward to receiving your motivation letters!
PS! Spread the word and please forward this to your sections members
Who can apply for a NC position? Any current and former member of ESN can apply for a position within the NC of ESN Norway. A current NC member that wishes to rerun for the same position, must submit a motivation on equal line with other applicants.