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National Assembly success in Ås!

National Assembly success in Ås!

Wed, 03/27/2024 - 13:10


From March 14th to March 17th we gathered in Ås for our National Assembly!

The National Board shared insights into their recent activities, achievements, and the progress of their Action Plan. They also discussed plans for the remaining mandate, alongside candidacies for the upcoming term.

We explored the impactful work of our partners SAIH (The Norwegian Students and Academics International Assistance Fund), Eurosender and Timetravels. We strengthened our ties with NSO (The National Union of Students in Norway), focusing on student politics and welfare, and brainstormed ideas for their new international strategy.

We organized a Panel Discussion on the topic of Student Mobility, with the aim of providing a platform for students to share their experiences and stories, connect with one another, and gain insights from inspirational external speakers. Our panel featured a diverse lineup of voices including current students, ESN alumni, and external speakers, each offering their own inspiring stories on topics ranging from student life and cultural exchange to personal growth and beyond.

Prioritizing safety across our network, we explored ways to enhance and standardize safety measures. Workshops on time, task, and resource management sharpened our skills, while emphasizing the importance of knowledge transfer during onboarding. 

The National Treasurer and Financial Auditor presented crucial financial insights and proposed the budget for the upcoming year. Quality assurance discussions centered on ensuring the health of our sections by identifying areas for improvement. 

We thank all organizers and participants for their invaluable role in making this event an extraordinary success!