Articles of Association


Statutes for Erasmus Student Network Norway


Article 1: Organization


1.1 Erasmus Student Network Norway (ESN Norway), is a non political, non profit organization subject to Erasmus Student Network AISBL (ESN International).


1.2 ESN Norway was legally registered in Brønnøysundregistrene 28.04.2001, with the organization number NO 986641378


Article 2: Goals


2.1 Social integration of international students at universities and university colleges.


2.2 Promote exchange


2.3 Promote Norway as a country to study abroad in.


Article 3: Structure


3.1 ESN Norway is based on local sections at universities and university colleges in Norway


3.1 ESN Norway is based on local sections in towns/cities in Norway, where there are Higher

Education institutions(HEIs).


3.2 ESN Norway is subject to ESN International.


Article 4: Membership


4.1 All student organizations that operate according to ESN Norway and ESN Internationals goals can apply for membership in ESN Norway (ESN Int.)



4.3 Membership applications must be submitted to the NB a minimum of three weeks prior to an NP meeting where voting for admission will take place. Applications submitted later than three weeks prior to an NP meeting may be rejected by the NB or postponed for the next NP meeting.


4.4 The NB must examine the candidacy application and the host University and candidate section’s premises in order to determine its appropriateness. Details regarding new section evaluation processes are maintained in the standing orders.


4.5 An entity becomes a section of ESN Norway and ESN after its application has been accepted by the NP and voted through with an absolute majority.


Article 5: Voting


5.1 All member sections of ESN Norway have one vote each when decisions inside ESN Norway are to be made.


5.2 Sections that do not have the possibility to attend the National Platform (NP), can delegate their vote to another section. This is done by sending an email to the national mailing list and the coordinator(s) of the NP before the voting. A section cannot have more than one delegated vote.


5.3 The National Platform is valid with a quorum present. In other words, the meeting is valid when 50% of the members with a right to vote are present.


5.4 The National Board represents and have mandate to make decisions with regards to the daily work of ESN Norway. The NB is therefore required to keep the sections up to date on their decisions, by producing minutes from their NB board meetings.


5.5 The NBs decisions can always be overturned by a majority vote from the sections


Article 6: Funding


6.1 Each section is financially responsible for its own operation.


6.2 Each section must pay the membership fee to ESN Norway, who then pays to ESN International.


Article 7: Section Management


7.1 All sections of ESN Norway are automatically part of ESN Norway and should therefore operate by the ESN Norway Statutes. In case of a conflict between the national and local statutes, the national statutes are valid.


7.2 Each Section must have a board consisting of at least a president and a local representative

(LR) in order to be a section. It is possible to combine the positions.


7.2.1 Every time a section elects a new board or changes a board member, the “Board Election

Report” should be sent to the national mailing list.


7.3 If a section does not fulfill the requirements of 7.2, it is the task of ESN Norway to try to create a board, or propose expulsion of the section prior to the national platform.


7.4 Each section needs to have official status in order to be an ESN Section.


7.4.1 Each section must hold an annual meeting where all section members should have the possibility to attend.


7.4.2 The statues, budget and the candidates for ALL board positions must be presented at the annual meeting, and all section members must have the opportunity to propose changes on the budget, the statues.


7.4.3 All section members must receive the open calls for every board positions prior to the annual meeting, so that they are able to present their candidacy and run for election.



Article 8: Contact


8.1 Each section must have a contact e-mail address, and should have a post address and webpage. All changes regarding this should be informed through the national mailing list (ML).


8.2 The LR is the contact person between the section and the national board (NB). The tasks of the LR are described in the document: “Local Representative - Position Description”. (see also “section care guideline”)


8.3 The NB, LRs and other interested make a common mailing list. The NR is the administrator of the ML. A section can have many members on the ML.


8.4 The mailing list is only to use within ESN Norway.


8.5 The LR is responsible of passing on relevant information to the section members from NB. LR is responsible to give feedback from the section to NB.


8.6 Each section must fill in a section report before the NP, by following the template which is sent out by the NP coordinator(s) well prior to the NP. The NB is responsible for saving all reports.


Article 9: National Level


National Platform


9.1 There should be two National platforms held every year.


9.2 The National Platform should go on rotation between the sections, unless a section applies to hold a national platform. In this case the rotation continues where it stopped on the next national platform.


9.3 Each section must attend one out of two NPs each year (also see 9.3.1). If they do not succeed on this, they will risk expulsion unless they have sent a letter explaining the situation in advance. This letter has to be approved by the national platform. If the letter is not approved, the section and the NB need to work towards an improvement which should be presented on the next national platform where the question of expulsion will be brought up.


9.3.1 Each section must have their Local Representative present at one out of two NP’s per year, in order for the LR to gain an insight at national level and meet their colleagues. If the LR is changed during the year, one of the two will still have to attend an NP.




9.4 NB, sections and individual members can call mistrust upon sections or NB members, when there are violations of statutes, duties that harms the image of ESN.


9.5  A section or the NB can propose to exclude an NB member.


9.5.1 If a board member(s) do(es) not carry out their responsibilities in a sufficient way, other board members or any section(s) can produce a written complaint where they request an explanation to their complaint from the board member(s).


9.5.2 The sections complaint must contain the signatures of the whole section board.




9.5.3 If the explanation is not felt to be sufficient enough, all ESN sections(communicated through the LR’s) should receive insight into the matter and a warning can be issued to the board member(s).


9.5.4 The warning must be signed by two-third majority


9.5.5 The warning should include the demands for improvement, and a reasonable time limit for the board member(s) to follow up on the demands


9.5.6 If these demands are not fulfilled within the decided time limit, a person can be expelled from the NB with two-third majority vote by the sections.


National board


(see also : Guidelines for the National Board (NB) of ESN Norway )


9.6  ESN Norway is represented by the National Board(see also 5.3)


9.7 The NB members are automatically obliged to follow the ESN Norway confidentiality agreement


9.8 ESN Norway must have a NB consisting of at least 3 people.


9.9 Election of the NB happens during the spring NP, as stated in the “Guidelines for the National Board of ESN Norway”. The NB mandate lasts for one year from the date the mandate starts.


9.10 The NB should work towards strengthening ESN Norway by promoting and protecting the values of the Erasmus Student Network.


9.11 In the case of a tied vote in the NB during regular NB meetings, the NB can request the LR’s

to make a final vote on behalf of the sections in order to come to a final decision.


Article 10: National Representative


10.1 ESN Norway must at all times have a National Representative (NR) that actively attends national and international meetings.


10.2 ESN Norway must have a Vice-NR that assists the NR by need and replaces the NR at international events if necessary.



10.3 The former NR is the contact person and must be available the two first months after the new NR has started the mandate.


Article 11: National Finance


11.1 The NB proposes how ESN Norway’s money should be spent.


11.1.2 The national treasurer is responsible for doing the accounting and proposing a budget in cooperation with the NB.


11.2 The NB is obliged to keep the sections updated on the national financial status, and should present the budget and accounting at every NP.


11.3 The complete annual accounting should be presented at the fall NP.


11.4 The budget for the following year should be voted for during the NP.


11.5 The past years complete accounting, the budget for the upcoming year and other changes, must be sent to the sections at least one week before the NP.

11.6 The NB can relocate the amount between posts as they see fit. Deviations from the

budget needs to be presented and explained at each NP, where the NP has to approve the revised budget/accounting. Exceptions are the travel and activity fund, where no amount can be removed from these posts until the end of the year when there are no more events to apply for this support.


11.7 A minimum buffer of 98000kr should always be on a buffer account. This sum is in case of emergency, if the NB loses their partners and income. This amount can keep the organization going long enough to get new income sources.


11.8 Travel Receipts and Participation Fee Receipts for expenses that are to be covered by ESN Norway need to be sent to the NB within one week after payment. The NB has two weeks to refund the amount to the section/delegate.


Article 12: Statute Changes


12.1 Changing of the statutes shall happen on the NP by a simple majority of present sections.


12.2 Proposed amendments to the statutes may be submitted by sections, NB or alumni.


12.3 Proposed amendments to the statutes, rules, guidelines, budget or other proposals should be sent to the ML and NP coordinator(s) at least one week before the NP.


12.4 The English version of the statutes is valid in cases of conflict between the English and the

Norwegian statutes.


Statues Erasmus Student Network Amendment History


Statues Approved at Norwegian Meeting, Trondheim, 28.04.2001. Statues Amended at Norwegian Meeting, Bergen, 10.05.2003. Statues Amended during National Platform, Stockholm 2005. Statues Amended at Norwegian Meeting 03.2009.

Statues Amended at Norwegian Meeting, Trondheim 24.01.2010.


Statues Amended during National Platform, Agder 05.02.2011. Statues Amended during National Platform, Oslo 28.01.2012. Statues Amended during National Platform, Agder 19.01.2014

Statues Amended during National Platform, Oslo 14.09.2014


Statues Amended during National Platform, Bergen 08.03.2001